ArtBidsClub Inc. duly incorporated and domiciled at 12 rue de la Picardie, Blainville,
J7C 0A9 Québec, Canada (hereinafter “ArtBidsClub”) presents on its platform (hereinafter “the site”) a market place offering a catalog of works allowing buyers (hereinafter “buyers or Bidders”) to consult and purchase works of art from art galleries around the world (hereinafter “the sellers” )
To transact via the platform buyers and sellers must be registered on the site
To use the Service, the Purchaser must agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions of Use (GTC) without restriction or reservation. By validating its registration the user confirms he has approved and accepted these conditons.
The sales made between the Buyers and the Sellers are governed by the General Conditions of Sale, they are automatically validated and accepted by the Buyer when paying for his purchase.

1. Object

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to define the conditions under which ArtsPlaces will offer buyers free access to its catalog and its services to buy original works proposed by the sellers.

2- ArtsPlaces Platform

The service offering is to connect buyers and sellers around the world via the ArtsPlaces platform.
After its free registration, the buyer will be able to choose one or several works in the catalog and to transact with ArtsPlaces and its secure platform to finalize the purchase.

The sale is concluded directly between the buyer and the seller.
ArtsPlaces is not the seller of the final product and will not be liable for any disputes.
Products purchased through ArtsPlaces cannot be taken back or exchanged by ArtsPlaces but will be subject to the policies of each individual galleries.

Each Buyer, and each Seller agrees to conclude purchases and sales in good faith.

3- Use of the site

To access and use the site, you must register as Bidders and complete the user profile of your account (email, delivery address, username and password).
You agree to accept the CGU and CGV and receive our newsletter when you register for free.

4- Cost of service

The opening of an account and the use of the platform are completely free and without any obligation of purchase for Buyers / Bidders
Only the price of the works, applicable taxes, the transport costs and the customs duties if necessary are the responsibility of the buyer.
You will not be charged any additional charges as a purchaser.

5- Protection of personal data

All your personal data will be treated with the strictest confidentiality, according to the provisions of our policy of protection of the personal data.
During your purchases, we will ask only the information we need to ensure the quality of our services and the processing of your order.

We do not have access to your banking information and these are processed via the secure platforms of our service providers (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Stripe, PayPal, Monéris) … All your information is protected.

6- Intellectual Property

Any reproduction, of the works presented on the site, in total or in part is strictly prohibited.
The images contained on the platform are subject to copyright and intellectual property rights.

7- Duration and validity

The Purchaser is subject to the present Terms and Conditions of his registration on the platform until the deletion of his account.

8 – Applicable law

These Purchaser Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Canada.

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