These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter “T & Cs”) apply without reservation to the users of the site, whether purchasers / Bidders or sellers, upon registration of their profiles.
The GTC define the terms between buyers and sellers.

The GST apply to all sales of works made through ArtsPlaces between the Seller and the Buyer.
They dictate the relationship between Sellers and Buyers.

ArtsPlaces is not the seller of the works presented in the catalog. Only the Seller, whose name is indicated on the descriptive sheet of the work, can be held responsible in case of dispute. In no case may the works be taken up or exchanged by ArtsPlaces.

1- Procedure of the transaction between the Buyer and the Seller

The works are displayed with a detailed technical sheet of the work indicating the essential characteristics and their price.
The Purchaser browses the catalog and chooses among the diversity of works.
By adding the artwork in its shopping cart and validating the order, the buyer automatically accepts these GTS.
The Buyer automatically receives an email confirming order.
The seller is automatically notified that the work is now sold and must be removed from its inventory.
The gallery is open 24 hours to confirm the availability of the work.
Once the availability of the work has been confirmed or rejected by the Seller, an e-mail is sent to the Buyer to inform him of the availability or not of the work.
In the event of confirmation, the Seller makes a firm commitment to deliver the work or to make it available.
In case of non availability, the buyer will be automatically refunded without delay.

2- Price of the works

The price of the works are fixed by the sellers. They are indicated excluding cost of transportation and taxes where applicable.
Any customs clearance costs, if any, shall be paid by the competent bodies and shall be borne by the buyer.

3- Security Payments

Our various partner galleries transact directly with your banking institution via an SSL encryption process.
Accepted methods of payment:
Credit cards: Master Card, Visa, American Express, Stripe, Paypal, Bank transfer
We have no access to your banking information.
The seller’s gallery will send you a detailed invoice of the work upon delivery.
For all payments by bank transfer, note that the work will not be shipped or cannot be picked up by the buyer as long as the transfer has not be credited to the account of ArtsPlaces or the gallery.

4- Shipping or withdrawal charges at the Seller

The seller offers his (paying) delivery services via his selected suppliers.
The work is delivered directly to the address you indicated to us at the time of your purchase.
The seller takes care of the packaging of the work and keeps it at the disposal of the carrier or ready for the withdrawal in gallery by the buyer if necessary.

Shipping costs are not included in the price of the work displayed on ArtsPlaces. They will be added when processing the payment of your order.
To avoid these costs, you can also pick up the work directly at the gallery.

Delivery charges are always the responsibility of the buyer.
These are calculated according to the format, weight, country and means of transport.

Delivery charges are always the responsibility of the buyer.
These are calculated according to the format, weight, country and means of transport.

Customs clearance?

Depending on the place of delivery, tax rules may apply and customs fees may be eligible.
ArtsPlaces and its partner galleries cannot control these fees. You will be responsible for the payment of these taxes and customs duties which are not included. The carriers will be able to relieve you of these proceedings in the majority of cases.

5 – Litigation – Complaints

Within 5 working days of receipt of the work, the buyer can send a complaint to ArtsPlaces in the following cases:

– Product not delivered within 30 days
– Product not in conformity with that ordered on ArtsPlaces
– Product damaged on delivery (must have been opened in front of the carrier and have the breakage confirmed)

Once the complaint has been notified by ArtsPlaces to the gallery (the seller), this one will have to take the necessary means to solve the different with the buyer.
In all cases ArtsPlaces will not be held responsible for disputes and this will have to be settled between the buyer and the seller’s gallery

6- Applicable law

These terms and conditions are subject to Canadian law.

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