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Christiana Guinle Art

Christiana Guinle is a Brazilian artist born in 1965.

She is the cousin of the artist Jorge Guinle, and soon became interested in plastic arts and in particular painting. Thereafter she turned towards performing arts. She is considered as a major figure of the Brazilian audiovisual sphere.

In 2007 she started working on the digital arts, questioning herself on the role and the possibilities of new technologies in the creation of photographic works of art. She developed an unseen technique of creation.

In her works, there are numerous references to the history of art from the antiquity to contemporary art. Still the work of Christiana Guinle is quite innovative. Completely integrated in this digital world, she became a real phenomenon on the web.

Her last series was fully realized with the help of a smartphone’s applications. Then, Christiana reworked the images, placing them on top of each other or placing them next to each other to create a work at the same time marked by historical inspiration and avant-gardist.